The Iridium satellite phone offered a vital link to evacuation authorities when one of our canoes got damaged, and the reception was... More

Dimitry Sapon
Maple, ON

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"Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and it is when we are feeling we are at the lowest point, something happens which renews and enforces our belief in mankind. For us, it was the kindness and generosity of Roadpost that helped us through a very difficult and stressful time. My husband was placed on the Lung Transplant list in November of 2010. A transplant was the only thing that could be done to save his life. As you can imagine, it is the wait for the "phone call" that is the hardest part. Our situation added even more stress as we live in a remote area outside of Princeton B.C. and we do not have cell phone access. This meant that if we were away from our home traveling to town or to Doctor appointments, we could possibly miss "the call". I inquired through the internet regarding satellite phones, explaining our situation. Although many different companies came up, Roadpost was the ONLY company to reply to our inquiry, and they replied the following day! The sat phone from Roadpost was our lifeline and I cannot begin to express how extremely important it was to us. It only rang twice as the Vancouver Transplant Team were the only ones with the number - the 1st call didn't work out, as sometimes happens, but the 2nd call saved my husband's life. In August of 2011, we received the blessing of two new lungs. Everything went extremely well and my husband was released from the hospital just 16 days after the operation. We were home within 2 months and he is continuing to amaze everyone with his incredible recovery. They say that 90% of your recovery depends on your attitude........Thank-you Roadpost for helping to give us a positive attitude and helping us to feel a little more in touch with the world! Again, your kindness and generosity will never be forgotten."
K & C Glover
Princeton, BC

"My husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan with the USMC. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to communicate using the Iridium satellite phone that we purchased through Roadpost. Talking with Erich is the most important thing I do every day. Hearing his voice and knowing that he is safe is a great comfort to our family and it is helping us to get through this challenging time."
Sheila C.
Jacksonville, NC

"My fiance was in Africa for five weeks and I decided to get the phone for her to use to keep in touch with each other and provide her with another means of safety. Even though your prices were low and reasonable, hearing her voice on the phone from so far away was priceless. The phone worked better than expected and it was nice at the same time to receive frequent flyer miles as well to help with our honeymoon. I will definitely use Roadpost again when travelling abroad and needing a phone where cellular coverage is not an option."
Glendale, CA

"I chose Roadpost for the flexible plans that allowed me to tailor the usage and cost to my specific needs. When I called to place the order, they took care of me quickly and professionally."
Waban, MA

"I recently used Roadpost for a business trip out of the country and found it to be extremely responsive and excellent. I received my satellite phone by overnight courier the day after I placed my order. It came with all the necessary attachments I would need to ensure the phone worked adequately in another country. I would recommend use of this service to anyone who needs to be contacted during their travels."
Barbara Fry
Drake Medox Health Services

"This was our first order with Roadpost and I could not be happier. We needed two satellite phones ASAP for our producers in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. They were ordered and shipped on the same day. They allowed us to stay in touch with our crews and do our interviews and reports over the phone. The service could not have been better."
Paul Haber
Discovery Channel

"The Iridium satellite phone offered a vital link to evacuation authorities when one of our canoes got damaged, and the reception was great."
Dimitry Sapon
Maple, ON