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Whether you are a small business with a few employees or a very large organization looking for robust lone worker safety solutions, Roadpost has the expertise to help guide you to the lone worker device and monitoring portal that is the best for you. If you’re considering using inReach devices for safety, here’s how GeoPro stacks up compared to the Enterprise Web App from Garmin®.

Features GeoPro Web App Enterprise Web App
Compatible Devices
  • inReach*
  • Iridium Extreme
  • NAL SHOUT nano
*view inReach compatibility details
All models of inReach
Best for…
  • Managing multiple users (inReach and other types of devices are supported)
  • Organizations using a mix of end user devices
  • Organization-monitored SOS (or GEOS monitored)
  • Enhanced admin control
  • Shorter tracking intervals
  • Robust check-in scheduling tools
  • Geo-fencing requirements
  • Man-down requirements
  • Managing multiple users (only inReach device users are supported)
  • Organization-monitored SOS (or GEOS monitored)
  • Enhanced admin control
  • Shorter tracking intervals
Check-in Supports scheduled check-ins with automated alerts and reminders On demand (no specific check-in feature)
SOS Monitoring GEOS is mandatory. Option for organization to monitor directly using GEOS as backup. Configurable via escalation contacts or API. GEOS is mandatory
Maps Supported in the Web App Bing Aerial, Bing Road, Open Street Maps, ESRI Imagery, ESRI Street, ESRI Gray, ESRI Dark Gray, ESRI Topographic, ESRI National Geographic, ESRI Ocean DeLorme TOPO, DeLorme Open Street Maps, Aerial and Road
Map Filters Date, time, activity, device status, device groups Date, time, activity
Waypoint Yes Yes
Geo-fencing with alerts Yes, circular, polygon or line with alerts when crossed No
Track interval 30 sec+ 30 sec+
Create & manage groups of devices Yes Yes
Developer API Available Available
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