Iridium Satellite Phone Rental Comparison

Which Iridium Rental Plan is Right for You?

Explore the options between the rate plans for the rental period that will fit your needs then choose an optional add-on for extra airtime and/or protection of your rental equipment.

Iridium 9555 Rental Options

Compare Daily Rental Monthly Rental 3 Month Rental
Which is best for you? Less than 20 days Between 20 and 60 days 60 days or longer
Rates $10.00/day $245.00/mo $165.00/mo
Effective daily rate $10.00 $8.17 $5.50
Minimum term 1 day 1 month 3 months
Standard airtime/overage $1.79/min $1.79/min $1.79/min
Outgoing text messages 69¢/msg 69¢/msg 69¢/msg
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