GEOS Global Alert Monitoring for GeoPro

GEOS Global Alert Monitoring Service

With an internationally proven track record of providing emergency monitoring and response coordination services virtually anywhere*, GEOS has coordinated thousands of rescues in over 140 countries, and is the expert partner that provides free alert monitoring services for GeoPro users. The GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) is staffed 24/7/365 and located in a secure data center that remains fully self-sufficient even if the outside world "goes away".

Federal Emergency Management Agency Certified

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliant

Member of the National Search and Rescue Committee

Member of the National Emergency Number Association

How does the GEOS emergency monitoring service for GeoPro work?

GEOS Watch Standers, SAR Mission Coordinators, and Duty Officers will stand watch around-the-clock to monitor lone workers and respond to the safety alerts you’ve set up. You can rest easy knowing there’s an experienced team standing behind your own safety supervisors.

GEOS operates a certified Tier 4 data center designed to support mission critical services, and maintains a robust emergency first responder network that spans the globe. Simply choose the types of alerts you’d like monitored and define your emergency escalation process. The experts at GEOS will take ownership to:

  • Manage alerts and incidents
  • Confirm emergencies and notify first responders
  • Promptly notify escalation contacts
  • Dispatch assistance when and where it’s needed
  • Provide reassurance and exchange updates with the employee throughout the incident
  • Designate a specific set of standard operating procedures for each type of alert

Emergency assistance with interactive SOS

  • SOS messages from lone worker devices automatically provide GPS location data, displaying coordinates of where a device is when an emergency is declared
  • SOS alerts are supplemented by text messages, allowing employees to describe their emergency and providing rescuers with the information they need to come prepared to the scene
  • GEOS will first contact the device user that declared the emergency to confirm the situation and provide status updates as needed
  • SOS alerts can easily be cancelled if warranted or inadvertently triggered

Additional GEOS offerings (not included)

In addition to its monitoring services, GEOS offers Search and Rescue and Medical Evacuation services at an extra cost. These services are not included in your GEOS monitoring, please contact GEOS directly to register for these additional services.