The GeoPro Web App for Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

GeoPro Web App

GeoPro Web Application

The GeoPro web application is simply the easiest way to manage and monitor the safety of lone workers anywhere in the world. Accessible from any browser, there’s no software to install. Simply decide what types of work alone safety concerns you want to manage, set up your safety alerts and preferred procedures, and let GeoPro take care of the rest.

The GeoPro Web App makes it easy to:

  • Configure and assign check-in schedules
  • Define alerts and escalation contacts
  • Manage GeoPro users and subscriptions
  • Maintain and view safety incident logs and reports
  • Monitor and manage safety, and respond to lone worker anywhere in the
GeoPro Web App Brochure

Take a Tour of the GeoPro Web App

GeoPro new event notification screen

Set up and automate check-in monitoring and missed check-in alerts

GeoPro check-in overdue screen

Receive real-time alerts for: missed check-in, emergencies, man down or crossed-geo fences

GeoPro employee monitoring screen

Locate employees anywhere in the world

GeoPro real-time chat screen

Communicate with employees via the web app

Configure your lone worker safety procedures and preferences

Free 30-day trial

Simply the best way to discover how GeoPro can help ensure the safety of your lone workers.

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