Be Prepared for Anything

With a Satellite Back-up to Landlines or Cellular

Emergency Prep & Disaster Recovery

If disaster struck how resilient would your organization be? Satellite communication networks can be relied on even when landline or cellular networks are down, making satellite voice and data solutions a keystone of any emergency back-up or disaster recovery plan.

Unlike terrestrial networks which can be damaged by hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, earthquakes and other catastrophic events, satellite networks are not vulnerable to events on the ground – their infrastructure is in space. A satellite back-up to traditional communications networks lowers risk by ensuring that key personnel have reliable access to crucial voice and data when responding to an emergency, or recovering from a disaster.

Roadpost offers the industry’s leading satellite communications solutions for emergency preparation, disaster response and disaster recovery. Handheld devices like an Iridium satellite phone can be carried with you or included in an emergency kit, and specialized equipment can extend satellite communications to a vehicle or mobile command center, or integrated with a PBX for in-building use.

Emergency Prep and Disaster Recovery Brochure

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