Canada & Alaska Iridium Prepaid Card

Canada & Alaska Iridium Prepaid Card


Roadpost Offers

Online Self-Management
  • Add airtime.
  • Recharge airtime.
  • Check your minutes.
  • Low balance and expiry alerts via email and SMS.


  • FREE incoming calls.
  • FREE voicemail.
  • Competitive low rates.

  • Next business day delivery.

Exclusive Promises



A prepaid card that’s cooler than the weather.

Enjoy the flexible Iridium Northern Lights prepaid card for Canada and Alaska.

The most affordable rates for users in Canada and Alaska. You can easily check unused minutes and top-up your airtime with Roadpost’s exclusive online tools.

Canada & Alaska Iridium Prepaid Card (Pre-book now online, get it shipped later.)
Add a Satellite Phone Iridium Extreme Iridium 9555
Extended Warranty Plan Total peace of mind for 3 years from purchase

Canada & Alaska Iridium Prepaid Card Details 200 Minutes
Price $265.00
Expiry 6 months
Activation NONE!
Incoming Calls/SMS
Calls - voice & data* FREE
SMS/text messages FREE
Two-stage dialing $1.99/min
Outgoing Calls/SMS
Calls - to landline or cellular from Canada/Alaska to Canada
or USA**
Calls - to landline or cellular from Canada/Alaska to any
other country**
Calls - to other Iridium or voicemail** 99¢/min
Calls - to other satellite networks** $17.89/min
SMS/text messages 66¢/msg
Data calls $1.99/min

*Incoming voice calls, data calls and SMS messages are available anywhere.
**Outgoings voice calls, data calls and SMS messages can only be originated from Canada, Alaska and 12 nautical miles into coastal waters.
Note: All rates are per minute, except SMS/text messages which are per message.

Hidden costs aren’t fun. We believe in full pricing transparency so you aren’t surprised when you receive your bill. All Iridium prepaid cards are shipped active. The expiry period begins when shipped. You can choose your desired shipping date when you shop online.

Satellite Pricing Details

  • FREE incoming calls.
  • FREE incoming text messages.
  • FREE voicemail included with all Iridium prepaid cards.
  • All calls are billed in 20 second increments.
  • Calls to check your voicemail are considered as outgoing calls.
  • Card can be recharged with additional airtime prior to expiry, at the then current retail rate of the same card. Expiry dates are automatically extended.
  • The Canada/Alaska coverage region includes the Canada and Alaska plus 12 nautical miles into coastal waters.
  • Expiry dates are effective from the date the card is shipped, or recharged.

Going outside Canada or Alaska? A standard prepaid card offering global coverage or a postpaid subscription may be a better option for you. Contact us to discuss your options.

Iridium 9555 Refurbished Complete Kit

All refurbished units have been inspected
to pass a rigorous set of quality control

A 90 day warranty applies to all refurb