I recently used Roadpost for a business trip out of the country and found it to be extremely responsive and excellent. I received my satellite phone by overnight courier... More

Barbara Fry
Drake Medox Health Services

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Satellite Products for Seasonal Users

No one outshines Roadpost for contract-free short-term options loaded with value!

If you are looking for short-term seasonal options, you are in the right place. Whether you own a phone, want to rent one, or are interested in an affordable two-way text messaging solution, we have flexible options that keep you connected anywhere on earth – with no strings attached. The following products from Roadpost are loaded with value and designed for short-term, hassle-free use.

Rent a satellite phone

A great option if you require voice services.

Roadpost satellite phone rentals include an Iridium phone, accessories and service for as long as you need.

Daily & Monthly Rentals

  • Best for short-term needs
  • Very flexible
  • From $7.99 or

3 & 6 Month Rentals

  • Best for medium-term needs
  • Includes 100 or 250 minutes
  • Plans from $116.66/month
Short-term plans for your Iridium phone

Contract-free service plans for anyone who already owns an Iridium phone.

A prepaid card or Roadpost contract-free subscription offers the benefit of lower airtime rates without locking you in.

Prepaid Cards

Monthly Plans

  • No commitments
  • Cancel anytime
  • Add/remove short term airtime bundles any time