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Roadpost reveals mobile deal for China

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Roadpost has launched - The Great Call of China - a comprehensive and flexible range of international voice and email solutions for occasional and frequent travelers to China.

Roadpost’s newest roster of offerings allows travellers to choose from a selection of four rental and four subscription bundles for its highly popular oneRoam China international cellular service.

In addition, Roadpost’s International BlackBerry rental program allows travellers to enjoy seamless access to unlimited roaming data services through their regular email address while traveling.

Morris Shawn, president and CEO of Roadpost, says, “China represents a rapidly growing and important market for international business travellers today. In the past year alone, we have seen a 111% growth in demand for international cellular and BlackBerry services, and continue to develop new solutions to meet this growing need. With The Great Call of China, customers can choose from a variety of bundles that can be tailored to their specific needs, whether data or voice, or frequent or occasional use. It’s all about convenience and choice for the international traveller.”

With the oneRoam China plan, frequent travellers to China can enjoy up to 50% savings in their international cellular costs versus competitive services.

oneRoam China delivers a number of additional benefits, including: flexible bundles for rental and subscription customers; single flat rates for incoming and outgoing local and international calls; a local China telephone number; and carry forward and pooled minutes options for subscription packages (a Roadpost exclusive).

oneRoam China rental and subscription services are available in basic, 30 (for rental; 50 for subscription), 100 and 250 minute bundles.

Roadpost is also the only company to offer subscription customers the option to pool and/or carry-forward minutes (for up to 12 months), which allows customers to maximize their overall investment, while satisfying the demands of both light and “power” users.