Iridium Satellite Phone Service

Iridium Satellite Phone Global Coverage that follows you to the end of the Earth

The Iridium network offers global satellite phone coverage.

Rely on Iridium's network with 100% global satellite phone coverage to keep you in touch. Get essential satellite communications services from anywhere on the planet.

Roadpost offers Iridium satellite phones for purchase or rent, Iridium satellite phone prepaid cards and pay-as-you-go plans.

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Iridium satellite phone

Dialling up the differences in satellite phones, including Iridium satellite phones.

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Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone

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  • Iridium’s smallest and lightest phone
  • Built in GPS, location tracking, SOS and more


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Iridium Extreme with SIM card
  • No annual contracts
  • Cancel anytime
  • Low airtime rates


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Iridium Satellite Phone Prepaid Cards

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  • No monthly bills
  • No contracts
  • Online management


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Satellite Phone Comparison Iridium and Inmarsat

Iridium commissioned Frost & Sullivan to evaluate the performance of two satellite phones, the IsatPhone and the Iridium 9555. The study consisted of an independent assessment of the qualitative attributes of each satellite phone and network performance in three different test locations. Download the report