GeoPro WaypointsThe feature with the most imagination.

Waypoints Web Application

Waypoints are an on-demand feature that allows GeoPro device users to describe and capture the GPS coordinates of a location of interest. Waypoints can be used to mark a base camp, environmental damage, temporary shelter, fire line, plant species, equipment left in the field or in need of repair. The only limit is your imagination.

Captured waypoints are private unless the employee submits them to be published as a shared resource. Published waypoints are displayed in the GeoPro Web Application's map interface, and can be used, for example, to guide field personnel to a nearby shelter, fuel depot or supply cache.

The GeoPro Web Application's Waypoints function enables organizations to:

  • Authorize individuals to view, edit, reject or publish waypoints submitted by device users in the field
  • Categorize waypoints and assign appropriate user selected icons to identify them in the map interface (i.e. shelter, fuel cache, in-field first aid kit)
  • View published waypoints displayed on your choice of several map options provided by ESRI® such as Bing™ maps, or World Topographical
  • Use waypoints to guide field users to nearby resources or locations

GeoPro Device User Field personnel can capture, annotate, save and send GPS coordinates of any location and lots more. Find out more about what field users can do with Waypoints on their device.

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