My fiance was in Africa for five weeks and I decided to get the phone for her to use to keep in touch with each other and provide her with another means of safety. Even... More

Glendale, CA

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Follow in workers' footsteps, literally

If keeping an employee safe means monitoring their journey, GeoPro makes it easy. Safety managers can initiate tracking from the GeoPro web app, or lone workers can initiate it from their device.

The GeoPro Tracking function lets organizations:

  • Define default tracking intervals (from 30 seconds to 1 day depending on the lone worker device used)
  • Real-time alerting of escalation contacts for changes in speed or altitude (via email, SMS or the web app)
  • View a complete breadcrumb trail
  • Filter and view tracking breadcrumbs by date, time, and event
  • Access historical breadcrumb data to support incident investigations or reporting

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