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GeoPro Solution Overview

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GeoPro: lone worker safety solutions

GeoPro is designed to enable more effective management and monitoring of employee safety in the remote field. The GeoPro web app improves management control, eases the administration of workplace safety programs, and is an affordable means of improving communication with/within the remote field.

Unlike other Lone Worker Solutions, GeoPro supports a rage of GPS-enabled end-user satellite communication devices.

The GeoPro solution leverages your preferred GPS-enabled communications device, the Iridium® global satellite network, and a secure hosted web application to:

  • Provide affordable real-time communication to/from the remote field
  • Monitor and manage employee check-in
  • Enable timely and effective response to employee emergencies or missed check-in events
  • Verify an employee's status and location at any time
  • Access a secure, comprehensive event audit trail to support incident investigations or process improvement

Of course, you demand complete control, so the GeoPro solution offers point and click tools to configure the system to your unique business rules, legislative and operating environments.

The GeoPro solution is comprised of:

The GeoPro Web Application

Offering supervisors a 360° view of the remote field from any web browser, GeoPro enables them to take prompt, decisive action on events or proactive measures to prevent incidents from occurring. Essential features include:

Your Choice of GPS-based Communications Device

GeoPro is compatible with a range of rugged two-way text messaging devices. All feature built-in GPS, offering users true peace of mind in an emergency and ensuring they can stay connected and productive virtually everywhere.

GeoPro and Iridium Networks

Reliable two-way global satellite coverage with low message latency through the Iridium network, and complete data security and redundancy through the GeoPro network.

World Class GPS

Highly precise 3D GPS fix: latitude, longitude, altitude, velocity and direction.

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Compatible devices

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*Note: The specific features of each manufacturer's device may vary the specific GeoPro functionality supported in either the GeoPro web application or the device. Please note, minimum unit volumes apply. Contact us for details.