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Barbara Fry
Drake Medox Health Services

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Emergency Monitoring

The most essential GeoPro service that we hope you'll never have to use

Emergency monitoring
GEOS AllianceRest easy. Our expert partner, GEOS can stand watch 24/7/365 so that you don’t have to. Learn more about GEOS monitoring services.
Emergency Call Center iconAlready using a preferred emergency monitoring service? GeoPro can be integrated with third-party systems. Talk to us.
GeoPro Device UserLone workers can request assistance with the SOS button, and communicate key details about their emergency. Find out more about Emergency features on compatible devices.

The key to mitigating risk is to equip lone workers with a reliable means of requesting help from any job site and ensure a prompt response to emergencies.

Hopefully your lone workers won’t ever have to use SOS alerting, but if they do you can rest assured that GeoPro has you covered - and that coverage extends over every inch of Earth.

GeoPro provides:

  • 24/7/365 emergency monitoring and dispatch services at no extra cost through GEOS*
  • Real-time visibility of emergency, status and location via a choice of web-based map
  • Real-time notification of escalation contacts (via email, SMS or the web app)
  • Two-way communication to exchange updates with employees and first responders
  • Frequent tracking that is invoked automatically with any SOS alert
  • Comprehensive incident and event logs to support investigations and compliance reporting

*Employers who prefer to monitor emergencies directly using their own personnel can do so using the GeoPro dashboard and do not need to register for the included GEOS service.

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