I recently used Roadpost for a business trip out of the country and found it to be extremely responsive and excellent. I received my satellite phone by overnight courier... More

Barbara Fry
Drake Medox Health Services

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GeoPro: A Complete Work Alone Safety Solution

Safeguard Your Lone Workers

Whether you have a workforce of 10 or 1000s, GeoPro can be quickly deployed to safeguard employees working alone – absolutely anywhere. Together with your choice of work alone safety device, our hosted web app and monitoring service is simply the easiest and most effective way to monitor employee well-being, minimize risk, and address employer duty of care.

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Globally scalable, GeoPro can be up and running in no time.

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Compatible Devices

GeoPro compatible devices

Urban or remote, there’s a work alone safety device for every risk profile.

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GeoPro Web App

GeoPro Web App screen

Simply set up your users and escalation contacts, then decide what you want to monitor. If there’s an incident -- GeoPro will sound the alarm.

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GeoPro uses the most advanced technology available to ensure data confidentiality and prevent unauthorized access.