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Circuit Switched Data (CSD)

Dial-up data now.

Extend dial-up data applications to any location on earth.

Many industries from Oil and Gas, to Utilities and Power Generation use Iridium Circuit Switched Data (CSD) for data acquisition, remote monitoring and metering and security.

Roadpost has paired the Iridium CSD network with satellite modems from Wireless Innovation.
MiChrosat 2402 MiChroSat 2402

This durable low data rate modem provides asynchronous data connectivity at 2.4 Kbps and is easily interfaced into existing dial-up data applications. It can also provide data acquisition, alarm reporting and discrete I/O functionality.

MiChroSat 2402 Brochure

What is Iridium CSD?

CSD is an affordable service that lets you extend dial-up data applications to computers or field equipment located in areas with unreliable or no terrestrial dial-up connectivity. Iridium CSD services provide asynchronous dial-up data connectivity at rates of 2.4 Kbps through an Iridium modem to another computer, a corporate network or to the Internet. It is ideally suited for transferring large files, bi-directional machine to machine (M2M) communications or situations where email, FTP, SSH or HTTP post is required.

How it Works

Iridium CSD is like traditional terrestrial dial-up data connectivity. Your existing terminal emulator software or a dial-up networking connections can be configured to call another computer, a remote LAN or access the Internet.

When a data call is placed, the Iridium modem dials into and initiates a connection with the Iridium gateway through the Iridium satellite constellation. The modem at the Iridium gateway then dials into and connects to another modem at the other end, or routes the data call directly to the Internet.

Email Over Dial-up

Roadpost optimizes email based applications over dial-up which reduces call length and therefore lowers airtime charges. Users are provided with a modem specific authenticated SMTP account that supports the secure sending and receiving of email, removes the need for lengthy modem negotiations and significantly reduces the potential for dropped calls before messages are sent.

You'll also get a webmail interface for each account allowing you to monitor mailboxes, check for incorrect messages and configure advanced email filtering options – like removing SPAM.

Roadpost offers secure storage to save all messages sent through email servers and provides a complete historical archive for additional back up protection.

Technical Support

In addition to value added tools, Roadpost also offers flexible cost effective Iridium CSD plans, and our technical experts will be happy to tailor specific data solutions that meet your business requirements.

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