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SatDOCK 9555SD-G

Beam SatDOCK 9555SD-G


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The best things in life are hands-free.

A complete hands-free semi-permanent voice and data solution for the Iridium 9555.

This docking station built for the Iridium 9555 phone offers a semi-permanent installation that uses echo cancelling and full duplex technology to provide outstanding voice quality in either hands-free or privacy modes for any vehicle, boat or aircraft.

The station docks the handset securely and fully integrates antenna, data and power connections keeping all cables and power permanently connected so it’s always ready when you are. The Iridium 9555 handset is easily removed with the click of a button for fully mobile operation.

It has an in-built Bluetooth module for voice and data connectivity along with an intelligent tracking and alert reporting system utilizing the in-built GPS engine of the SatDOCK.

All terminals run on the Iridium network. Iridium offers global coverage from the North Pole to the South Pole, low cost airtime rates and more. Learn more about Iridium.

  • Supports full duplex hands-free operation
  • Tracking & alert monitoring capable
  • Periodic position reports or remotely polled
  • In-built GPS engine
  • Charges the 9555 handset to ensure it is ready for use
  • USB and serial data port interface
  • Supports Iridium voice, data, SMS and SBD services
  • Supports privacy handset modes
  • High quality speaker
  • Superior echo cancellation technology
  • Loud ringer
  • Supports stereo integration
  • Mute button
  • Integrated antenna and power connection
  • Enables connection to horn alert
  • Auxiliary and constant power modes
  • 10-32V DC input
  • Easy installation
  • RAM universal mounting bracket
  • Suitable for wall or vehicle mounting
  • Fully certified including ROHS

Download the SatDOCK 9555 Brochure (PDF)


  • All types of vehicles: trucks, buses, trains, construction, recreational
  • Hands-free voice communications
  • Integrated voice communications
  • Fixed site applications

  • Captain & crew calling from one unit
  • Installed as part of a tracking system

  • Aircraft integrated communications
  • Helicopter integrated communications
Kit Contents

  • Beam SatDOCK cradle
  • Beam hands-free and power interface
  • RAM mount steel mounting bracket
  • Interface and power cables
  • Mounting adhesive/velcro
  • Speaker and microphone
  • User and Installation Manual

  • Basic Privacy Handset
  • Intelligent Handset

  • Mast antenna
  • Whip antenna
  • Magnetic antenna
  • Bolt mount antenna
Antenna Cables

  • 6 m/18’ antenna cable
  • 12 m/36’ antenna cable