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IsatPhone Subscription

IsatPhone Subscription sim card

Subscriptions starting from:


Roadpost Offers

  • Build your own plan.
  • Cancel at any time.

  • No minimum term.
  • Rollover airtime bundles.

  • Airtime rates from 71¢/min.

Exclusive Promise

NO commitments, cancel anytime.

Value has a new name, it’s IsatPhone.

Purchase an IsatPhone from Roadpost and get incredible value with no term commitments, no annual contracts and no cancellation fees. Not to mention:

  • 10 minutes of free airtime per month
  • airtime rates as low as 99¢/minute or 71¢/minute with a bundle
  • voicemail service is included for FREE
IsatPhone Subscription Cancel anytime!
Add an Airtime Bundle Your minutes rollover!
Add an IsatPhone

IsatPhone Subscription Rates Basic
Monthly plan fee $34.95
One-time activation $25.00
Incoming Calls/SMS
Voice FREE
SMS/text messages FREE
Outgoing Calls/SMS
To landline, cellular and voicemail 99¢/min
SMS/text messages 49¢/msg
Data 99¢/min
To other IsatPhone 99¢/min
To BGAN/FleetBroadband/SwiftBroadband 99¢/min
To other Inmarsat1 99¢/min
To other satellite network2 $6.95/min

Note: Airtime is billed with a one minute minimum and in one minute increments. SMS/text messages are per message.

1IsatPhone to Other Inmarsat includes, Aero, Inmarsat B, Inmarsat M, Inmarsat Mini M and GAN.
2IsatPhone to Other Satellite includes, Iridium, Globalstar, Thuraya and all other satellite networks not listed.

Airtime Bundles In-Bundle Airtime Rate Monthly Fee Monthly Minutes Included
Rollover 30 83¢/min $25.00 30
Rollover 60 75¢/min $45.00 60
Rollover 120 71¢/min $85.00 120

Note: All rates are per minute.

Hidden costs aren’t fun. We believe in full pricing transparency so you aren’t surprised when you receive your bill.

Subscription Pricing Details

  • FREE incoming calls.
  • FREE incoming text messages.
  • The Basic Subscription comes with 10 minutes of airtime per month. Unused airtime does not carry forward.
  • Airtime is billed with a one minute minimum and in one minute increments. SMS/text messages are per message.
  • Activation for IsatPhone subscriptions is $25.00 and will appear on your invoice.
  • Voicemail is included for FREE. Calls to check your voicemail are considered as outgoing calls.
  • Additional usage will be billed at the standard airtime rates.

Airtime Bundle Details

  • The following call types can not be applied towards your Airtime Bundles:
    • Outgoing SMS/text messages
    • IsatPhone to other satellite network
    • IsatPhone data
  • Unused airtime carries forward month-to-month for up to 12 months.
  • Additional IsatPhone airtime out of your airtime bundle is billed at the standard airtime rates for the Basic subscription.

Subscription Term Commitments

  • There is no term commitment for the Basic Subscription.
  • Basic Subscription service plans renew automatically month-to-month until cancelled.
  • Subject to Roadpost Standard Terms and Conditions.

Check out our other satellite phone solutions or contact us to discuss options.

Rollover Airtime Bundles
Your unused minutes carry forward
every month for up to 1 year.
IsatPhone Basic Subscription
Renews automatically unless cancelled
and can be cancelled at any time.
Comes with 10 minutes of airtime
per month. Unused airtime does not
carry forward. See Subscription
Details tab for more info.
IsatPhone Flex 100
A great choice if your usage will be
in the US where prepaid service is not
available. A good alternative to a Basic
plan if you expect to use 100-200 minutes
per year and want continuous service
anywhere. Flex 100 includes 100 outgoing
minutes to landline/cellular per year.