Iridium GO! Prepaid Cards

Iridium GO! Prepaid Cards

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Exclusive Promises

Ideal for seasonal and short term use anywhere.

Great value for data on the go! Enjoy twice as much data as compared to standard Iridium prepaid cards. Choose from convenient seasonal or annual options. All prepaid options enable you to use any combination of voice, data and SMS from your smartphone wirelessly connected to your Iridium GO!™ device.

Note: Prepaid cards are activated at the time of shipping.

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Extended Warranty Plan Total peace of mind for 3 years from purchase

Iridium GO! Prepaid Cards* Iridium GO! Seasonal¹ Iridium GO! Annual¹ Iridium Canada & Alaska²
Best for... Light/occasional use. Voice, data and SMS globally. Moderate/regular use. Voice, data and SMS globally. Voice and SMS usage within Canada and Alaska.
Price $480.00 $730.00 $265.00
Region Global Global Canada & Alaska
Expiry 6 Months¹ 12 Months¹ 6 Months
Can Recharge Airtime Yes Yes Yes, only with Canada/Alaska
Extend Expiry without Recharge 30 days for $75² 30 days for $75² No, expiry
periods are not combined with recharge
Airtime Included
Data; OR 400 Minutes 1000 Minutes 133 Minutes
Voice; OR 200 Minutes 500 Minutes 200 Minutes
SMS/Text Messages 1200 Messages 3000 Messages 400 Messages

*Minimum call duration is 20 seconds. Airtime included is estimated based on burn rates. Usage types can be combined and will be deducted accordingly. The maximum expiry period per account is two years. Iridium GO! Prepaid Cards cannot be combined with Canada & Alaska and existing balances from other Iridium prepaid cards cannot be transferred to Iridium GO! Seasonal or Annual cards. Prepaid cards are shipped activated.

¹ Iridium GO! prepaid card types can be recharged with additional airtime prior to expiry using the 30 day add-time voucher or by purchasing an Iridium GO! Seasonal or Annual recharge voucher. Both unused minutes and the remaining expiry period carry forward when the card is recharged. Expiry dates are cumulative.

² Iridium Canada/ Alaska Cards can be recharged with additional airtime prior to expiry by purchasing an Iridium Canada/ Alaska recharge voucher. Expiry dates are not cumulative and balance will expire 6 months from the date the card is recharged unless another recharge is completed prior to the expiry date. Remaining minute balances will continue to carry forward until the balance expires. The Canada/Alaska coverage region includes the Canada and Alaska plus 12 nautical miles into coastal waters.

Call Type Iridium GO! Seasonal Iridium GO! Annual Iridium Canada & Alaska
Incoming Calls / SMS
Calls - voice & data FREE FREE FREE
SMS/text messages FREE FREE FREE
Two-stage dialing $2.40/min $1.46/min $1.99/min
Outgoing Calls / SMS
Iridium to landline / cellular
(from Canada / Alaska to Canada or USA)
$2.40/min $1.46/min $1.33/min
Iridium to landline / cellular
(from Canada / Alaska to Canada or USA)
$2.40/min $1.46/min $2.65/min
Iridium to Iridium / voicemail $1.20/min 73¢/min 99¢/min
Iridium to Iridium data $1.20/min 73¢/min $1.99/min
Iridium to other satellite $21.60/min $13.14/min $17.89/min
SMS/text messages 40¢/msg 24¢/msg 66¢/msg
  • Minimum call duration is 20 seconds. All rates are per minute except SMS which is per message.
  • Iridium GO! data per minute rate are applicable to use with the Iridium GO! device only.
  • Calls to check your voicemail are considered outgoing calls.
  • Included airtime is based on burn rates for each type of usage.
  • Calling party pays except in the case of PSTN-ISU calls made through Two Stage dialing.
  • Prepaid minutes/units cannot be extended for more than three (3) years beyond their original purchase date. Prepaid minutes carried over due to account recharges will be expired o n a daily basis three years from their original purchase date.
  • Minutes/units expiry information is available to users by calling 2888 or sending an SMS to 2888 from their Iridium device. Users are given the balance of minutes/units that may expire if not used within the next six (6) months.
  • All other Roadpost Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

If you will be using your Iridium GO! regularly and prefer maximum convenience with lower rates, a postpaid subscription may be a better option for you. Contact us to discuss your options.

30 Day Extension
Extend the expiry date of
your balance by adding a 30 day
add time extension for only $60.
Maximum expiry for any account
is 24 months. Does not include
additional minutes or messages.
Not available with the Iridium
Canada & Alaska Prepaid Card.